Custom Eraser ONLY in filemenu (not in context menu)



I added the following custom code to my WinXP registry to get rid of the confirmation dialogue on each eraser start.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@="\"C:\\Eraser\\eraserl.exe\" -file %1 -silent"

It adds a "QuickEraser" entry to both the explorer's file menu and each context menu.

As it is located near another custom context menu entry I regularly use (Open with notepad...) it`s only a question of time that I'll erase a file instead of opening it :)!

So I now would like to get rid of the context menu entry and only get it to the File menu. I know of no way to handle this and found nothing on this forum.

I'd like to repeat that I do not intend to alter the predefined Eraser entries, but _additionally_ have that File menu entry without the same time having it in the (right-click) context menu.