Custom Erasure Methods Definition


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I wanted to define a custom erasure method in the plugin settings ("Random/Zero", i.e. Pass 1: Random Data, Pass 2: Zero (0x00)).
Therefore I added 2 passes, selected the 2nd pass from the list, selected "Hexadecimal" and entered "00", thereupon I selected the 1st pass, pass #2 now shows "Constant (1 bytes)" in the list/description.
After selecting the 2nd pass again and switching from "Text" (empty) to "Hexadecimal", the pass data window shows " 0 ". After selecting the 1st pass again, the description for pass #2 changes to "Constant (0 bytes)". After selecting the 2nd pass again, "Random" (!= "Hexadecimal") is selected as data type; when selecting pass #1 again, the description for pass #2 changes to "Random Data".
Somehow, the 0's seem to get lost, the same problem occurs after entering something containing zeros in the hexadecimal view, e.g. "00000706" becomes " 0 0 7 6 ", then " 0 76 ", then " 7 76 ", then "77 76 ", which is pretty strange.

Eraser @ Windows 7
Any other information that I can provide and will be helpful to you?
Thanks! You've found a bug. It didn't occur to me that when we try to heuristically determine whether the user input string is a Unicode string that NULLs weren't taken care of. Could you please bug this on Trac?