custom/watermark pattern?



Similar to computerwatermark.

Instead of writing patterns, the final pass is a particular repetitive pattern of text. Actually, it is a pattern, but it's a long sequence. For example, instead of

"Zero zero zero zero zero . . . ." or "random random random random random"

The sequence becomes

Dabbers, owner, address, phone, dabbers, owner, address, phone, dabbers, owner, address phone, ... ...."

Basically a pattern that is longer than Eraser's maximum of 3 bytes. I say, a maximum of 200 bytes, or perhaps even longer, maybe 1 kilobyte. It would just repeat, and be truncated at the end of the cluster tip or whatever, it's not important, because the information repeats anyway.

Main Purpose: in addition to overwriting data intended for deletion, if ever my laptop gets stolen, if the thief just "normally formatted" it, forensic tools will discover the "deleted" information, like a watermark. The possibility of the laptop returning to its owner is increased.

The alternative I have at the moment after erasing the freespace on a laptop is to copy a file containing this "watermark" many times and then just deleting them normally.