Data from before a system restore


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So, I'm borrowing a computer for school. I don't know what happens to the computers once they've been returned, but I don't trust that they'll erase the hard drive before giving it away again. Anyway, I've had to restore my computer with system repair/re-imaging discs (so the system was reverted back to the way it was when I first got it) more than once before, and I'm fairly sure those discs don't erase everything on the hard drive (I could be wrong though). I recently erased the unused disk space on C:\, can I rest assured the data and files that were on the computer before I recovered the system are most likely gone for good? This is pretty important because I don't want there to be any potentially recoverable sensitive data on this hard drive, including data from before the system recovery.
If data etc is stored in the registry or you have installed software etc etc - the only way to 100% clean the machine is to boot with DBAN wipe the partition and then reinstall -
The registry can store almost anything - its up the the software app itself. To be 100% you have to wipe that also.