DBAN 2.2.6 latest? Ever gonna be a new release?


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I have browsed DBAN home page but couldn't find any relevant information about releases date and changelogs.
Please anyone know, is DBAN project sill active or is it dead ? This is current release 2.2.6 ? When was it released? Are developers working to newer release with better hardware support or something ?

Sourceforge also does not contain any information about this and I think it's rather important due to the big number of users DBAN has.

As far as I know, DBAN is only user supported; the original developers have moved on, so there is no developer support. In these circumstances, a further release is unlikely, unless someone picks up the open source project and takes it forward.

thanks for your answer.
why is this? Do you have any idea when was the project abandoned and what is the release date of the latest DBAN (2.2.6) ?
I am asking because I need to know about hardware support. If you have any idea what is the release date for this version please let us know.

it would be a great idea if some team could pick-up the open-source project and take it up to latest releases with improved hardware support and efficency.
Sorry, I don't know why the developers abandoned the project. As the software has been without developer support for more than four years, we have to conclude that its future is, at best, bleak.

Darik continued by offering a commercial version of DBAN, EBAN (IIRC) and has not worked on DBAN since. I've got feedback from users (leaving negative feedback for Eraser) because neither later Eraser 5 nor Eraser 6 versions include them... but I don't want to include a largely unsupported product...