DBAN 2.2.6 Stuck at PCI (sysfs)


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When i launch DBAN in interactive mode it says registering usb devices then it says PCI(sysfs) and its stuck there.....

i search forums and found others have similar problem.

one solution is shown in the following link : http://sourceforge.net/projects/dban/fo ... ic/3727028

the solution is to disable media card reader in the bios.. But the side fact is in my Lenovo Ideapad Bios (American megatrends) i do not see that option... please help
AFAIK, DBAN is not currently supported by the authors, and, as you have discovered, you are more likely to get community support from the Sourceforge-hosted forum, as Eraser 6 does not include DBAN, which Eraser 5 did.

My guess is that, with the Thinkpad, you will have to find out or work out how the built-in media card reader is connected; it will have to use a header of some sort on the motherboard. All the versions I have seen for desktops have been connected to a USB header, but I don't routinely take laptops to bits ...