DBAN and Disk Space


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Have you looked at the impact of moving to Linux 2.6 Kernel? My impression is better driver support, but with the ever increasing number of drives the Kernel size is ever growing also.

I had wondered if you had looked into using simular techniques like the Knoppix distribution. Where much of what is on the floppy is dynamicly compress and uncompressed into ram. I am not sure what the overhead of having that type of compression is but if it could all fit on a floppy that could be the best choice. Then certain things could be much easier to support.

I know right now you have 2 versions one with and one without ATAPI support. Knoppix has such good hardware support maybe using simular techniquest would be useful.

good luck and keep up the good work!!

I use Knoppix often and I would like to incorporate some of its features into DBAN, the scripts for driver probing in particular. DBAN already runs out of a compressed filesystem like Knoppix does.

DBAN probably won't ship with a 2.6 kernel until the maintainers stop backporting drivers to the 2.4 kernel.

The next major feature that I'll probably add is a 1.7 meg floppy image writer for Microsoft Windows. There might be enough room for USB and/or firewire support in a 1.7 meg floppy disk. (If not, then I'll probably remove the MCA support and bump the major version number.)