Dban "boot failed" What did I do wrong?


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OK, I made a CDROM version by first downloading it to my computer, then double clicking on it, and my Roxy CD Creator came on, I made a finalized CDROM. I checked the CDROM and it did not have just one item, but many items listed, so I'm guessing it was done right. I noted when you record, and it only shows one item, you have made a bad CD. In any event, I went into my computer setup, and changed the order of BIOS to CDROM 1st, Floppy 2nd, and Hard Drive third. and clicked save, exit. I did not set the default settings. Shut down my computer, and started it up, but it immediatedly started to probably go to my third order to boot and would have opened with Windows. Do I need to just enable the second and third option in the Bios? In any event, I tried the bootable CDROM, and it just said "boot failed". How do I correct. Existing system is still running... I think I'm getting close...Thanks in advance... :?:
Some more information! Still in the Dark!

OK, as I stated, I set my BIOS to CD-rom, Disk, and 1HD. Now, I also did this in the default setting, in the same order. By the way, my AST does not use all those keys as stated in Google for BIOS setup. Mine uses F2.... Anyway, placed the CDR with DBAN on it in the first bay, and screen says boot failed...that's it! Here is what is on the CD I burned on Roxio... Config, Document..., Licenses, Boot.Cat..., Change Log, Darik_S_... (has the e-mail symbol), DBAN_1_0... (looks like Microsoft symbol/flag), Notes, Readme, and WinImage. That is all.... Is this CD correct? If not, walk me through Roxio, so I don't miss anything. If that is not it, then what? I did download the CD version for the initial download to my computer. I double clicked on the icon on my desktop, which was the name with a CD in the picture. Roxio came up, I had it on Finalize CD and recorded it... Please help!!!