DBAN Can`t Find Floppy Disk !



When trying to run DBAN 1.0.2 , floppy version, on my laptop computer with a LS-120 (high capacity, 120MB, IDE floppy disk drive - http://paulbristow.net/linux/idefloppy.html ) as device hdd, I get the following error after the initial boot -

Scanning for a floppy drive ... found
Trying to load a prng seed ...
Searching for a floppy disk ...


Strangely enough when I burnt a CD from ISO image 1.0.2 i386 I got the same error result as the above. Can`t quite see why an CD version should be looking for a floppy disk at all.

Do you have any suggestions to get DBAN working ? Thanks in advance.
You need to disable the DBAN floppy driver. Check the FAQ for instructions: http://dban.sourceforge.net/faq/

The quality of BIOS floppy emulation for LS-120 devices varies. Upgrading the BIOS might solve the problem.

I have received an LS-120 donation, so I may try to fix the problem when I get some free time or when I am next hired to work on DBAN.