DBAN cdr




i downloaded nero burning software and the iso file but when i double click on the iso file to burn onto cdr a "open with " window pops up.

so i then start the nero application and select burn a data cd, but when it is done and i open the cdr to check i see only 1 file ( DBAN website says it won't work if there is only 1 file on the cdr)

Can someone plz tell me wat i did wrong

thks a lot
1) Open Nero
2) Put blank cd in drive
3) In Nero go to the "file" menu and select "Burn Image"
4) In the "open file" dialogue brows to the Dban Iso and select it
5) Write the CD

Now boot of th newly created DBAN cd and wipe the hard drive in question

your five or six steps are not quite so simple.
I got the iso onto a cd with Nero
I then am asked to insert a floppy disk and more loading
occurs and what do i do then ??
sorry for being thick !!