DBAN destroyed my network and sound cards (?)


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I used DBAN on a pc running xp and when it was finished, my network card wouldn't work, I had to install a new one.
And recently I just used DBAN again on another pc and now my sound card isn't working :(
This is after using the recovery cd to re-install my system after using DBAN.

Is this the fault of DBAN or some problem with the restorations?
You must install drivers for your hardware. The manufacturer of your computer did this at the factory but did not put them into the restore media.

Right-click "My Computer", choose "Manage" from the context menu, and click "Device Manager" in the left pane. Every device with a red "X" icon or a yellow "!" icon needs a driver before it will be usable.

Get the network card working first, visit Windows Update, choose "Custom Install", and click into the "optional hardware updates" pages.