DBAN does not remove HPA/DCO


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Hi all,

I'm searching for an open source wiping method that also remove the HPA/DCO from a system. DBAN is great, but unfortunatly it does not remove the HPA/DCO.

Does anybody knows a method that supports this ?

Thanks a lot,


You might find this interesting, although I have never used it myself and I cannot say whether it works or not.
There's an easy way to remove HPAs yourself if you're using Windows. In the Windows start menu type run in the search programs and files box, (run is one of the start menu options if you're still using xp) then click on the run icon which should be at the top of the options screen that will open. Now follow these steps in sequence, pressing enter after each step. I'm using disk 0 as the likely assigned number for your hdd, if you have other hdds installed you can repeat the method using the assigned number for them.

diskpart (a new window called diskpart.exe will open)
list disk
select disk 0
list partition
select partition 1 (or the number of any other partition you want to delete, be careful it's the right one tho!)
delete partition override

If you have a manufacturers pc or laptop which has a recovery partition, this method will open it, it can then be erased if you want a totally clean drive and installation. Make sure you burn the recovery s/ware you want first tho! The method will also remove the 100mb partition Windows 7 creates, I seriously recommend not using this method until just before you run Dban.