DBAN fails to load


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Hi there.
I'm having trouble running DBAN. Just so you know, I've tried both versions 1.04 and 1.03 on floppies and cd's, from both the .zip's and the .iso's. nothing works. THe results, however, are different.
WIth version 1.04, I get to the "Uncompression Linux... Ok, booting the kernel. Please wait..." and then it hangs. This happens on my floppy and cd. yes, I've tried "verbose," but I get the same results.

With 1.03, I ran "verbose" and the last few lines read:

Partition Check:
/dev/ide/host1/bus0/target0/lun0: Unknown partition table
SCSI Subsystem driver Revision 1.00

and then it hangs there. Same results on floppy and cd.

I'm running from an MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum, A64, trying to wipe an 80 GB Western Digital Caviar IDE drive.

Any help is appreciated.