Dban fails with IBM deskstar harddrive Model IC35L020AVER07


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I tried to wipe my IBM ATA 20.5 hard disk .I clipped the hard drive capacity to 2GB with the help of jumper settings to help my BIOS .
DBAN failed to wipe it completely The verification process resulted in a whole bunch of errors .I believe it couldn't detect the size to be 20.5 GB .
Whats wrong ?
The log says that the computer has a klamath cpu with a speed and stepping that was never fabbed by Intel. The disk is also reporting ATA capabilites that the DeskStar 60GXP does not have, IIRC. My intuition is that this report is bogus, but your computer might be an engineering sample of some kind.

Past that, the disk is likely bad. Physically destroy it.