DBAN Fatal error: Unable to allocate shared memory



DBAN is having a FATAL ERROR - please assist.

The following is saved off to the floppy when the DBAN is erroring out.
Any clues on how to fix this so I can run DBAN?

[2004/09/29 16:35:32] dwipe: notice: Program loaded.
[2004/09/29 16:35:32] dwipe: notice: Opened entropy source '/dev/urandom'.
[2004/09/29 16:35:32] dwipe: info: Automatically enumerated 2 devices.
[2004/09/29 16:35:36] dwipe: dwipe_main: shmget: Invalid argument.
[2004/09/29 16:35:36] dwipe: fatal: Unable to allocate shared memory for the context array.
Figured it out

I wasn't selecting the partition at the DBAN startup screen.... doh!! Things work now.
I would, regardless, like to have the entire log file. Please send it to me.

The shmget error should not happen unless your computer has very little main memory.