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I read instructions on how to use DBAN.

At the end after Erase it said to use a windows 98 boot disk and boot off it. Type fdisk /MBR. Somthing is telling me it might delete Ghost file names.

Just wondering if this step needs to be taken before I start.
Im using NTFS XP home BTW

Simply typing in "fdisk mbr" into Google or Clusty will help you get answers for yourself a lot faster than waiting for someone else to get them for you.

The command resets the master boot record of the boot disk (hard drive). It shouldn't harm your drive. DBAN however is intended to completely wipe a partition or entire drive. If you want any of the data on the drive, back it up prior to wiping the drive.

Eraser (not DBAN) is the product for erasing free space on a drive.