DBAN finished with non-fatal errors


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I am using the 1.07 stable version and every time when I finish erasing some older harddisks with the autonuke mode (after round 1 of 1, pass 3 of 3 and several hours), this error message appears. Does that mean, that my harddisk has been successfully wiped or does that mean that although several hours had passed, nothing happened to my harddisk?

Does that error message has something to do with bad sectors? I mean with newer harddisks DBAN is working fine, just some older ones with 80/200/400 GB (IDE+SATA) are making trouble sometimes.

Would it be an alternative to choose the 30 rounds method and quit after lets say round no. 5? Can I be sure, that my harddisks are wiped then, although at the end of the autonuke mode that error message appears everytime [with some of that older harddisks]?

I'm pretty sure the hdd wil have been successfully wiped Peter, sounds like the verify won't have been completed tho. Think the prob is likely to be caused by and iffy drive, they're still functional to some degree tho.