dban floppy disk boot


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Like the message below, i too am trying to wipe my hdd and am having problems with the boot disk:

boot: autonuke
Loading kernel.bzi
Loading initrd.gz
Uncompressing Linux... Ok, booting the kernal. Please wait.../quote

ANd, of course, win98se just hangs :evil: Just wasting my Sunday again... :? need some guidance... :arrow:
This usually indicates a bad floppy disk. If the floppy disk is not in perfect condition, then DBAN may not start.

If you are sure that the floppy disk is good, then edit the A:\SYSLINUX.CFG file and remove all instances of "quiet". The kernel will print boot messages and give you more information about the startup problem.
I went and bought some good diskettes and I still hang. After following your suggestions, what I see now is "hdc: lost interrupt"

CAn you tell me what to do? If anything?
What do you have on your secondary IDE controller?

Do you have an ATAPI device like a Zip Drive or an LS-120 on your secondary controller? -- Version 1.0.2 is incompatible with those devices. Use 1.0.1 instead.
On a 266 P2 RAM=192 *with atapi zip drive* and using Boot and Nuke 1.0.1©, I had to

1. Have a good diskette

2. Use the 1.0.1 program

3. AND have a zip disk in the zip drive

No problem with a zip disk in place. Thanks for your help...where do I donate? :)

Hmm, I'll have to get a Zip Drive and fix the kernel driver.

If you can donate a Zip drive -- or any other rare and unusual hardware -- the contact me at dajhorn-dban@vandac.com for my land address.

If you wish to make a cash donation, then please send it to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. http://www.eff.org/