DBAN floppy works, CD does not.



I've been using DBAN for a few years.

Only recently I've run into problems with the current CD version which I have just downloaded (today: 30th Jan 2005).

Both the CD and floppy boot fine.

However with the CD, DBAN fails with "DBAN finished with non-fatal error" after "starting dwipe".

I have uploaded the error log here http://www.netsoc.ucd.ie/~kasintah/misc/DBAN0000.TGZ

The floppy loads and runs perfectly...

Any suggestions?
That was my post above.

It must be noted that the CD did work before - None of the hardware changed, of that I am positive.

I don't think the BIOS was updated or any reconfiguration of the hardware was done - but I may be wrong.
dajhorn - you got any ideas on this?, want me to try something?

BTW - cool program.
The primary IDE interface on this computer is empty. Try moving the cable attached to the motherboard from the secondary connector to the primary connector.

My guess is that the BIOS expects a device on the primary interface and is putting the controller into an inconsistent state when it boots from the ROM drive.

If this kind of glitch is reported by people more often, then I will investigate further. It might not happen if the ISO is rebuilt to boot without emulation.
True, the Primary IDE drive is left unpluged when not in use.

The drive I wipe is on the secondary IDE.

This has always been the case. I'll play with the BIOS to
see ifI can get it working.
I, too, keep getting the "DBAN finished with non-fatal error" message immediately after starting a wipe. This happens using both a floppy and CD version, and my drive is the master on the primary IDE. Any thoughts?
Upload the log file (floppy version is easiest).

dajhorn usually takes a look at problems in a week or two.
I'd upload my log file, but I don't have any place to do so. If you could point to me to some place where I can do so, I'd appreciate it.