dban for mac???



Are there any programs like DBAN for MAC ... please let me know ...
i have the disks to reinstall the software in the mac... but i wanted to go a bit further than the mac software

thanks for making dban, it works great

have you had a chance to test the mac version yet? I am unable to get it to work (using the cd/rw image version)

it goes through pretty much the same process as on the pc, but goes way too fast (doesn't appear to do anything), before getting to the final dban screen (where it tells you that it is saving the log file, and would you like to re-save it by hitting Enter)

as the cd/rw can't be written to like a floppy (and this is on an imac with no floppy drive), I can't save the log and review it to see what the problem might be - is there a way to read the text file while still in memory after dban finishes running?

I'm sorry I can't be more descriptive, not too up on the whole linux thing :)