DBAN hangs on startup




I would like to erase my harddisc with dban 1.0.3. My problem is, that the programm seems to hang no matter what start option I use. For instance, if i enter autonuke on start up i get the following:
Loading kernel.bzi.....
Loading initrd.gz......
Uncompressing Linux... Ok, booting the kernel. Please wait......

After that last message nothing else happens.
It´s a 20GB harddisc from toshiba in a toshiba satellite 3000 notebook.

Would be deeply grateful for any solution!

Bye, Chris
Addition to my previous posting

I guess it´s just a linux problem according to my hardware configuration.
The following might be a hint to find the correct booting option for dban:
Using knoppix i have to use noscsi as a boot param in order to successfully boot my system...

Hopefully someone´s got a solution! Thanks in advance!