Dban---How long will it run?


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Ok, I went backwards, and downloaded Eraser, then followed someones steps to make a floppy off the Eraser to get the Dban nuke floppy. It all worked, thank god, and I set the computer up for eight passes under the PRNG stream. First pass took about 3.5-4.0 hours. We are on the second pass, it has been 26 MORE hours, and the second pass still is not done! Is this normal? When I last checked the "throughput" last night, it was at 970,000 and was doing about 40 B/s. It is now at 163,000 doing about 1-2 B/s. Is this normal? At this rate, my system will take 25 more hours to just finish this pass??? Other info...screen says CPU @ 199%, Error 0, :?:

Pentimum III, 550 mghz, Windows 98SE, with about 8 years on the system...

Why is it slowing down? If the power goes off, what will happen to the computer? Do you start over? Will the computer keep whatever passes it has completed, including partial passes? Can you re-program operating system if Nuke program has been ended prior to completion, or stopped because of power failure?

Please someone let me know what's up!
Oh, and my specs are 500mhz Celeron Dell Inspiron 5000 with 320mb RAM and a 30gb 4200 rpm hd...yes it sucks, but it was free <3