dban - i dont get what it does


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i know its wiping.. but what and when to use it?
do i have to use it after formating? after installing xp? or do i have to use it when i want to formate my computer?
would be nice if someone can tell me
heya Rumpel. =)

Dban has several options for erasing your hdd, including very secure ones like the Dod. The autonuke (dodshort) is the best option for most people, even if you're giving away a desktop or disposing of a hdd. It would cost one hell of a lot of money to resurrect data from a drive that's been wiped like this, unless you're M15, military or something like that, doubt anyone would think it's worth the pain.

You use Dban before formatting and reinstallation. Hope this helps bud. =)