DBAN ist to fast???



I have wiped my 2,6 GB partition first with DBAN using DOD 7 pass mode.
It took about 20 minutes.
Then I wiped the same partition with the commercial Acronis Drive Cleanser (which is a competing product to DBAN) also using DOD 7 pass mode.
It took more than 2 hours.
As far as I have seen Drive Cleanser - started from a boot medium - is also based on a Linux Kernel (although it´s windows software and has a windows xp like user interface).

What about that?
Is DBAN less secure, because it is so fast - or is it so much better in performance?
Has everybody made similar experiences?
Maybe the Linux kernel used in DBAN supports faster (U)DMA transfers with your hardware, while the Acronis product doesn't?