DBAN & Maxtor DiamondPlus 8 issues



I used DBAN to wipe a 40GB Maxtor DiamondPlus 8 drive in a Dell desktop. When we tried to re-install Windows XP, the system recognized the drive but prevented us from partitioning it. We also tried Maxtor's MaxBast 3 drive setup utility and experienced similar results. The drive was functioning properly before we ran DBAN, and I've never had a problem like this before. Anyone have a similar experience? Any ideas how to recover from it?
What was the partitioning error?

What is the model of your Dell desktop computer?

What is the label and part number of your Microsoft Windows XP installation media?

Try partitioning the disk with a startup floppy disk made in Windows 98 or Windows XP prior to using your Microsoft Windows XP installation media.

OEMs like Dell often ship incomplete or broken Microsoft Windows XP installation media with their computers. A common problem is that the restore program refuses to start because it looks for a hidden partition that DBAN wiped.