dban on compaq presario


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I would like to use Dban on my compaq presario 7550. The computer has a maxtor hardrive ,a 2.5ghz celeron processor ,windows xp home edition.
the computer has a set of compaq system recovery disks. the owners manual
states that disk will erase and reformat the hard drive.I would like to know if it would be safe to use dban and reinstall the OS with the compaq recovery disks.

thank you
DBAN will not do anything to prevent the restore program from running, nor will it damage your hardware.

Check whether your recovery media is actually bootable before running DBAN on your computer.
Dban for compaq persario

I emailed hp tech support and found out that the system recovery discs are only a key to unlock the hidden partition for the XP OS installer on the HD. the system recovery discs do not contain an installer for windows xp . the owners manuals incorrectly state that the recovery discs can reinstall xp on a blank or new harddrive .this can only be done if the blank or new HD is a replacement compaq Hd.
Thank you for your reply on this forum.
I was wondering. I have compaq presario 6000 and I want to know if it is really necessary to use dban on my computer. I have a set of compaq system recovery disks as well and I would like to know if the full destructive recovery will erase any traces of deleted data. The reason I'm saying this is because I never use dban before. If I do use it for the first time, I fear my computer may go something wrong as been reported by other users who claims their computers got screw up while using dban. Dban is best used if you plan to give or sell your computer away, but I'm not planning to sell it anytime soon. If I do, I would not hesitate to use dban cause I don't have to worry about that whether dban succeeds or not. That's the questions I would like to know.