Dban on HP/Compaq servers




I have a number of Compaq DL360-G1 servers to dispose off. These contain confidential data and hence I am looking at a disk-wiping utility, and I found dban via google.

My questions:

1. Does it work on these computers? They have SCSI disks on RAID controllers. The controller is:

00:01.0 RAID bus controller: LSI Logic / Symbios Logic 53c895 (rev 02)

2. If it doesn't, can I hack it up somehow (with say, knoppix or something) and get it to work?

3. Ditto for HP DL360-G3 servers (after HP took over Compaq). They have the same configuration, only the controller is:

00:04.0 RAID bus controller: Compaq Computer Corporation Smart Array 5i/532 (rev 01)

Thanks for any help.
HP Dl360 - Verification errors?

I used the DBAN based on version 5.7 on two DL360 G2 servers with two 18GB disks and one DL360 G3 with two 146.8GB disks. I used the default settings (7pass) and the G2s took a couple hours and the G3 took about 29 hours. They both completed with verification errors similar to this:
[2005/07/24 13:53:11] dwipe: notice: Starting pass 5 of 7, round 1 of 1, on device '/dev/cciss/disc0/disc'.
[2005/07/24 14:04:08] dwipe: notice: Verified that '/dev/cciss/disc0/part1' is emtpy.
[2005/07/24 14:04:08] dwipe: notice: Blanked device '/dev/cciss/disc0/part1'.
[2005/07/24 14:04:08] dwipe: error: 8977097005 verification errors on device '/dev/cciss/disc0/part1'.
[2005/07/24 15:43:23] dwipe: notice: Finished pass 5 of 7, round 1 of 1, on device '/dev/cciss/disc0/part2'.

So, my question is: Is this device actually wiped or not?

Are you yet aware of any certain method for erasing SCSI drives on a Compaq/HP array controller? Should it work and I just missed something?
DBAN can be modified to fully support the Compaq Smart device. I do not support because I do not have hardware for testing. YMMV.

Past that, you should try something like Knoppix and GNU shred.