Dban & partitions



If I setup a seperate partition on Win2K for IE cookies/history/temp files, do I need to worry about files being "scattered around the hard disk by windows" which I read about on the net, or is the partition a "virtual wall", stopping any files to do with IE browsing from leaving that one area of disk?

Basically I want to know that if I Dban that IE partition every now and then, everything is truly gone, and there isn't temp stuff all over the C/D/E partitions as well (IE temp stuff is on F)

not partition level but drive level

dban will wipe everything from every drive you point to. If you use it on on your C: drive, you won't need to worry about where IE is hiding cookie files. You might consider "Eraser" for file removal.
Thanks. I appreciate Dban will nuke everything, but what I was asking was if I need to worry about files "scattering" around the disk, ie onto other partitions, if I have Cookies/History/IE Temp on F: partition.