DBAN ran successfully. Which option from Restore CD?



I have finished running DBAN and it tells me the disk has been wiped.
Now I need to reinstall the operating system.
I inserted the Restore CD and turned on the PC. I am given 3 choices for the Microsoft Windows 98 Startup Menu:
1. Restore Windows 98 - will format HDD
2. Restore Windows 98 - will not format HDD
3. Boot to DOS prompt from CD ROM
It is showing the default choice as #3.

Can someone explain which is the method to pick and why?

Since you just wiped the disk, it is blank and unformatted. Choice #1 says it will format the drive for you, so choose it. If it complains, you may need to partition the disk first using the FDISK program.
Thanks for your help.
It did complain with option 1. So I then chose option 3, ran fdisk and then went back to option 1. Everything loaded properly and the PC is back up and running.