DBAN Random Verify pass


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The DoD 5220.22-M (d) standard calls for a write, a write of the complement, a write of random data, and a verify of that random data. You can apparently accomplish this in the latest beta by doing a "DoD Short" with "Verify All Passes" checked, but this runs two more verify passes than the standard calls for.

Can you add a Method that verifies the random data without having to verify the other passes? That would save one third of the time these processes take.
There is a minor deficiency in the dwipe method syntax that makes it difficult to add these kinds of methods. Notice the kludge for the OPS-II method.

I'll be enhancing dwipe so that these methods can be easily added, and so that the OPS-II kludge can be removed.

Ballpark this change for the dban-1.1.0 release.