DBAN Rules!!!!!


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:twisted: DBAN has got to be one of the best programs I have and use. I have DBAN many times all ready and have not had a prolem with it ever. This one time my computer had slowed to a crawl and alot of the programs were not working right. So ran DBAN after moving files to another hard drive I keep mounted in the comp then ran DBAN. The comp was riddled with hijackers and adware that work the same as a trojan virus. The stuff had embeded itself into the registry and had many parts to it. Of all the times I have run DBAN I have yet to have it do something bad. It works everytime and is perfect for completly destroying data that is bad and making sure that nothing escapes. When your computer is in such bad shape from Adware, Spyware and Browser Hi-Jackers it is the perfect thing to use before you reformat and reinstall your OS. Just to be sure that nothing lives. It makes your brand new out the box clean.