DBAN running ~15h is now at 18.59%? Can I chancel it?


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i started DBAN yesterday in the evening, and now about 18h later it is only at 18.59%.
As algorythm I chose DoD Short. My HDD is a "Toshiba MK 1234 GSX".

Cause I need the notebook on monday, i would like to know wether I can chancel it without destroying the hdd, and if possible how i abort it :)

If possible I would run DBAN after abortion once again, but this time only with algorythm Quick Erase, hoping not to take several days...

Yes, you can interrupt it. Nothing that DBAN is doing will "destroy" your hard drive. All it does is overwrite the drive with data. You will probably need to partition and reformat the drive before it will be useful.

If any sensitive information was not overwritten before you stopped DBAN, then it would still be recoverable by forensic tools.