DBan taking forever and 275-300% cpu load



So yeah I am running this program to clear my HD ( thanks for making it ).

Only problem is that it is only 3.96% of pass 1 of 7 after 6:00:00 hours of run time.

Also my cpu load is ranging from 275-300 % according to my calculations this will take 7 days for 1 pass? And will that fry my cpu with that kind of load?

Sorry im running a 80 gig and a 160 gig HD. I am using a Barton 2500+ and DoD with 7 passes.

Also what would happen if I restarted my computer or tried to "cancel" DBAN?
You have a chipset with poor drivers, which is a known problem. The problem might be fixed in the next release, and it might not.

Interrupting DBAN won't damage your computer, but the wipe won't be complete and it won't be bootable.
errrr, so how do you recover the drive if its not bootable any longer?
how do you recover the drive if its not bootable any longer?
You can boot the computer with something like Knoppix and examine the disk with a hex editor or somesuch.

Rather, a computer is still bootable even when the boot sector has been removed from the hard disk.
That's the same problem I had today. Am I putting my cpu at risk if I let it run at 275% load for hours?