DBAN to wipe out old computer hard drive - Not successful


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I'm trying to wipe out the hard drive/operating system of my old computer - a Dell Dimensions 4100 desktop (now a floor-top!), which is running Windows 98.

I downloaded DBAN to a disk on my new computer (which is running Vista). I can't get the old computer to recognize anything on the cd. This is the second cd I have attempted to do this on (however a small person may have interrupted the download of the first cd).

Any suggestions?
Are you sure that the CD drive is functional on that computer?
Can it recognize a CD from within Windows?
If so, is it set in BIOS to allow booting from CD?
The CD drive is functional. I believe the BIOS wasn't set to allow it to boot from the CD drive. A co-worker provided me with a floppy of a different eraser program and that seems to be working.....slowly, but working. Thank you for the feedback. Will post again with more ?'s once the hard drive is wiped out. -S