DBAN v1.0.7 / DBAN Beta 2007042900


I wonder if anyone / admin can clear up a little bit of confusion here.

When I use DBAN 1.0.7, in the Disks and Partitions screen I can see the following:

(IDE 0,0,0,-,-) (Hard Drive info)
(IDE 0,0,0-,1) Partition
(IDE 0,0,0,-,2) Partition

To wipe the entire disk I just choose the first option, to wipe partition 1, the first partition and to wipe Partition 2 I just choose the second partition.

Those are the only options that display.

On the current Beta release, in that same screen, I see more:

Unrecognized Device
Unrecognized Device
Unrecognized Device
Unrecognized Device
ATA Disk (Details) 74GB (more details of disk)

I assume the four Unrecognized Devices relate to USB ports? I have no USB devices on my computer when running DBAN (just the printer / scanner but I unplug that first). I'm assuming that these options can be ignored? Or does it relate to something else? The only other device I have is the DVD/CD drive (which contains the DBAN disk)

However, my question is more about the fact that this version of DBAN doesn't list the two partitions as well as the hard drive itself. Is there a reason for this? Or is it designed to wipe the entire disk rather than giving the option of wiping an individual partition?

One partition that has always showed up to 1.0.7 is the Recovery partition but it isn't hidden as with some computers (ie the Host Protected Area problem) or at least it never was using DBAN 1.0.7. The disk size shows on the DBAN Beta as 74GB but the computer manufacturer says it's 80GB but I've long known that to get the true figure that Windows will state you divide one gigabyte by approx 1.073 as one gig isn't really 1,000,000,000 bytes but rather 1,073,741,824 bytes. Windows reports the disk (in Disk management, where you can see all partitions), including both partitions as being 74.53GB. So I assume both partitions are included but are just not listed on the DBAN beta as separate partitions.

As I am wanting to do a full wipe and reinstall in the near future I would be grateful if someone could answer the queries I have. I have never had a problem with DBAN 1.0.7 and its predecessors but this new beta release has me confused...