Dban wipe runtime



Hello this question has been asked before and I am sorry to continue it on..i am selling my hard drive which have only been used for personal banking and online credit card purchases just home use and i wanted to know how long it would take to wipe my drive with prng 8x pass? my drive is a ATA-100 80.0g WD drive. The information is sensitive but not too sensitive so maybe there is a better way to wipe it..but at the same time i do take my personal info/data very seriously (i have already had my identity stolen once with my SIN :( ) i'd rather not have the risk of that happening again. I am open to recommendations it would be greatly appreciated thanks.
Run it at night and it should be done by morning. This is the least annoying way to wipe a drive. There is no way to tell you exactly how long it will take, because systems vary.