dban won't work on dell dimension 4550

Maybe you can tell us what error you see?
What do you mean, 'it won't run'? That could be a number of things, such as:
  • The machine hangs on startup, after the BIOS has finished;
  • the machine starts to boot DBAN, with some screen messages, then just hangs;
  • the machine doesn't boot into DBAN, but straight into Windows
  • the machine boots DBAN, then either will not open the program, or the program crashes.
Do any of these ring a bell?

i finally got it to work, apparently my old computer's cd drive was not capable of burning an iso file, after i downloaded a cd burning program i burned a new cd and it worked, it must be stressed on the download page that you have to have a cd burner that is capable of burning iso files !!!!!!!
Well, if you want to burn an ISO image to disk, that is something of a given ... :)

You can also copy DBAN to a bootable floppy, on very old systems with no optical drive.

You must boot from the master device (top drive).

Try disabling other boot devices. When you get a nonbootable drive error, "hit any key" and it will keep levitra trying. Eventually it will work. Don't forget to go back into the BIOS to enable the hard drive as a boot device.

If it simply will not boot from the top drive, try swapping drives, but make sure both are jumpered to cable select.