Defrag, Format Clarification...


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I know it's free space clear and afterwards defragment, but does it matter whether I format or defrag first? I'm thinking always defrag last...?

One more thing, I read on the FAQ that the site recommends formatting the hard drive, but it only mentions BCwipe as the program that can do this. I know Windows has its own format C: option when right-clicking the C: icon under My Computer. Is Window's version just as good for this?
If you are formatting the drive, I would not worry about defraging the drive at all. The reason for erasing free space and then defraging is that if you defrag first you risk moving files around the drive and as a result leave file remnants that eraser can not reach.

If you want to format the drive I would recommend wiping the drive with DBan first and then format / re-install.

DBan will securely wipe everything on the hard drive, leaving it empty
I believe the order is Free Space wipe, Defrag and then another Free Space Wipe, if you wish to be security conscious...