Defrag Issue After Erasure



First, let me say thank you to the folks who make Eraser available. The more I have learned about Windows platforms, the more I have felt rather betrayed at how much an aura of Big Brother is weaved all within it. Eraser is one way to poke the Big Brother in the eye, so to speak, even if doing so is over a sheer matter of principle and not because one is afraid of what might be found on their drives should push come to shove.

Now to my issue.

After running a Gut erasure on my C free space, I have been left with a very large disk fragment that my upgraded defrager cannot seem to defrag. Any input would be appreciated.

I had the same problem. I switched off System Restore, rebooted, then defragged. Then switched on System Restore, rebooted and all worked fine again. This is in Windows XP.