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I have looked at the documentation and searched the list and worked with the app so if this has been covered please point me in the correct direction.

I do computer forensics and am finding more and more that I need to delete items from a list. For instance I have 2000 files to delete and wipe (with reporting) on a particular server. These files can be in a variety of paths. I will not delete all the files in a particular folder.

I have tried creating an .ers file but importing never loads the file names.

Am I missing something?


If the files are named in a way that allows you to use wildcards (*.xyz or whatever), you could apply an include mask when you add data to the erasing task. The task can be saved, and you can also select and copy any or all entries from the task log to paste into a text file. With more work you can also select files more randomly to be added to an Eraser task. Note that you don't have to make just one selection per task. You can add a series of separate selections, including both files and folders, and you can edit the task at any time to add or remove files.

If the files are not consistently named, I would also consider using Eraser drag and drop. Open an Explorer window in your target folder, then open Eraser, select files and drag them across to the Eraser window for immediate erasing. If you want any form of record of the task (on 6.0.7. all you will get is a truncated list of files erased in the task pane), you will need to uncheck the setting to remove tasks from the list on completion.

Although Eraser has a (currently rudimentary) Command Line Interface, Joe's advice is that, because it works with a running process, it is not really suitable for use in scripts.

I hope this helps.