Delete only files older than X days


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Is it possible to have Eraser delete only files older than a specified number of days?
If not, might it be possible to add this functionality?
If it is already possible, please point me to instructions on how to do it (can't find documentation, and there's no help file).
Documentation is in the form of a searchable PDF manual (open Eraser and click on Help), plus a pretty extensive set of FAQ posts on this forum.

In Windows Explorer, you cab click on the time/date heading to order files by time, which makes it easy to select the date/time range you require. Then right-click on the selection and use Eraser context menu erasing to remove the files.

Sorry - I should have been more clear...
I need it to run (automatically/unattended) once per day and scrub only files that are older than 7 days.
Ah. I'm afraid that Eraser does not at present have that capability. It might be possible to write a script to select and delete files to the Recycle Bin, then erase that, but my instinct is that that would be more trouble than it's worth.

The Eraser plans for 2011, which I have discussed with Joel and Garrett, include the development of plugins to erase particular file sets (including those associated with browsers and other apps.) Your requirement seems to be an ideal candidate for this approach. Why not sign up to Trac and create a ticket for a feature request? Trac is very much Joel's 'to do' list, so is the best place to ensure that new ideas are not forgotten.