deleted task is active after unistalling Eraser


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I created a new task in order to delete a file at every reboot of the system. Then I cancelled this task from Eraser Scheduler list, but Eraser Launcher tried to delete this file even though I had been cancelled this task.
The alert that appears at the reboot: "Eraser Launcher" - "File not found. Nothing to erase. (c.\document and settings\my username\recent\*History.dat)"

So I decided to uninstall Eraser in order to eliminate the problem. After uninstalling, the Eraser Launcher alert disappeared.
At this point I reinstalled Eraser, but the alert has come out again...

How to eliminate this process?
My O.S. is Win XP Pro SP2

Thanks in advance from Italy (Venice)
It's an active bug already in the bugtracker. I haven't got time to look at it though, thanks to school...