Deleting a lost folder


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I'm new to the forum. I just have a question about Eraser and what it is able to do. Just for some background, I have a desktop PC with two HDD, one with WinXP and the other with Ubuntu installed. I wanted to upgrade my version of Ubuntu so I backed up my data on the D partition of the Windows drive. I went to install the version of Ubuntu I wanted to upgrade to but forgot to disable the Windows drive in BIOS. As a result Windows MBR got written over.

After logging in I found that the folder was not accessible from either Windows or Ubuntu. I was able to recover it using Handy Recovery (the only program that saw the folder), but the problem now is that the folder is still there and is taking up hard drive space. Will Eraser be able to get rid of this folder and all of its contents and free up the hard drive space it's taking up?

The direct answer to your question is 'no'. Eraser works through the file system. It will eventually have a partition erase feature, but I am not sure whether that would work in your case.

It sounds as though you have an inaccessible partition on the drive. A partitioning tool should be able to remove that, and allow you to recreate the partition or expand an existing partition to take up the free space. Once the space is accessible to a functioning file system, Eraser will be able to erase the free space.