Deleting cached files and outlook files


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Okay this is a question from a numbskull. One of my clients has requested that I download Eraser to ensure their files are securely deleted when I have completed them. I have downloaded Eraser, and can easily delete the contents of the recycle bin etc. But I can't for the life of me work out how to delete old 'cached' files. I need to permanently delete the following:
- emails from the Deleted items folder in from Outlook;
- old deleted items from the Recycle Bin (Word files etc) that I would have deleted before I started using Eraser
- old deleted cached internet search files
When I put a query in the google search toolbar it always calls up a zillion old emails, word files, internet searches etc that I thought I had deleted and I need to get rid of...they are still sitting on my computer somewherein the darkness at the bottom of the hard drive on my desk!

The FAQ and help sections are not basic enough for me. Can someone tell me in words of one syllable how to do what I want. I seriously suspect that the only way to delete old files in retrospect would be to wipe my entire hard drive but I am hoping against all hope that this is not the case.

Thanks in anticipation of some help out there!
Can't help you with Outlook there (because of the database obscurity) but for the rest you can get rid of the Google cache and just run an Unused Space erase, that should get rid of it.