Deleting Email


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Hi there:
I am new to Eraser and would like to ask please.
When one deletes email messages from Outlook Express or Outlook (pst),
can Eraser remove those as well? or are those deleted email messages still somehwere on the drive?

Or is there a way that one can delete and remove them all with Eraser?

Thank you :D

Eraser cannot remove the email messages inside data files (like Outlook/OE emails) but once the data is deleted, you could compact the database and do a free space erase. There is no guarantee that the data is gone (as it may be hiding in the datafile somewhere that Eraser cannot access) but if it was expelled from the data file it will be erased.

Thank you Joel i think you answered my question :)
Thank you again.
I think thats what i have been doing, in Microsoft Outlook i deleted the messages from the "deleted"folder or emtied it. and then i compacted the .pst file and ran the empty space cleaner. And in Outlook Xpress i also deleted the .dbx files and ran eraser and a clean empty space.

The reason i asked is because i was reffered to a program that has pretty good reviews called CyberScrub. I thought it was pretty good (even if one needs to pay for it) but it kind of takes too long and they dont have the 35 times pass.

If you have any comments please feel free to share with me.

Thank you again.