Deleting large amounts of Data


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I am not quite sure anymore, I might have contacted you on this when v6 came out. I had been an Eraser user for the longest time, but when Windows 7 came out, I noticed that Eraser simply would skip deleting parts of jobs (without warning/notification) where I chose to delete larger batches of data, like many GB. So it really became unreliable for me; with any version prior to v6, I could shred any amount, entire disks, reliably.

So I am wondering whether this is a known issue, and whether it has been fixed? I'd like to go back to Eraser as I just set up a new system and I always shred all my data on general principal.

I moved on to W7 64.

Many thanks !
I think it's most likely because of a migration to Windows 7 than anything.

Eraser only erases what the OS allows it to erase. In circumstances where Eraser cannot get rid of a file, it will report it as an error. Errors can be found in the Task Log, right-click the task and select View Task Log. Filter the log to errors and above, if the log is noisy.