Deleting program containing multiple files


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Hi, I'm new to the forum, but have downloaded Eraser a while back and have successfully used it a few times.

The question I have now, however, is about a program on my computer called Book live! reader. It's about 87 mb in space, and I see no need to have it on my computer. I'm pretty sure that by simply uninstalling it, it won't really be gone, right?

Now when I open Eraser and try to select the entire program to get deleted, I just get directed to a lot of sub folders of the program. So for example, if I click on the program name (Book live! reader) for new tasks to be erased, it is clickable, but then I see the other sub menus, like "bin" "data" etc. and those are then clickable again, directing me to more sub menus.

Is there a way to delete everything in one click, or do I need to remove file by file? In which case, would it not be more complete if I uninstalled it without Eraser?

Sorry if my question is a bit unclear.

Thanks in advance.
Just bumping this as it seems I still haven't received any feedback. A little disappointed of the first impression of this forum if I may say so...