Deletion without request?!?!?!

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One of my most important folders that contained extremely important documents was deleted with no request by Eraser. Seriously, what kind of crap is this sh*t?
At 3PM I am browsing normally and my folder is there with everything inside. At 6PM I'm still on Firefox (didn't minimize it, didn't leave the computer), then I go back to the Desktop and the custom icon of the folder is gone and also its contents.
Eraser was on the hidden part of the tray all the time and I haven't used the software for 2 days. I did not opened its window and drag'n'drop the folder accidentaly nor used the right-click button extension.


Picture showing that the folder was added manually to the task list.

I'm an advanced user and my memory processes, connections and ports are very well monitored by me.
Everything leads to a software crazyness.

Thank you Heidi Computers.
Your failure has costed me more than 2000 hours of hard work thrown away.
I understand your irritation and sympathise over your data loss, but the fact remains that you initiated the task somehow; Eraser cannot spontaneously create tasks.

What, if anything, does the task log say (on 6.0.7, which I guess is what you are using, there may be no entries)? If there are no error or warning messages, you must somehow have manually created the task, as drag-and-drop and context menu erase tasks that complete normally are deleted from the task list. Please, if you can, give us more details of the precise sequence of events, such as whether you saw any taskbar notifications.

Also I should make it clear that Eraser is not a commercial product, but is written by volunteers, and released under the open source GPL licence; Heidi simply host the project.

That's something that intrigues me. Usually, when you use Windows Explorer extension Eraser pops up a message from the tray icon. This time I saw nothing. No messages.
I don't have much more details than I already revealed. I was just browsing all the time, and later when I went back to the Desktop my precious folder was empty. I have simply no idea of some external cause that could make Eraser do this. My computer is fast, stable, clean and protected by AVG Anti-Virus Free. It runs on Windows 7 x64, fully updated and enhanced by TuneUp Utilities.

I can guarantee you that I did absolutly nothing than browse on the internet using Firefox the moment it happened. I didn't even minimize the browser for a second.
I'm so pissed off, you can't imagine. I'm even considering to uninstall Eraser because I'm in fear that Eraser may do it again, somehow. I also understand that in your point of view - as being from the support team - the fault points to me. I also know this makes absolutly no sense and is totally illogical from a software point of view. But this bullcrap happened and there is nothing I can do to recover my data.

Seriously, if this was Eraser fault, fix it.
I almost cried yesterday. If you have lost hugely important data in the past, you probably know how it feels.
As my signature says, I am an Eraser user not a programmer.

If it were an Eraser fault, it should most definitely be fixed. What baffles me is that I know of now way of getting the results in your screen shot that does not involve the explicit creation of a task. If anyone can document such an event, I think that Joel would want to know about it soonest.

With over a quarter of a million downloads, nothing like your case has previously been reported on the forum. So, while saying that something can't happen usually only serves to get you proof that it just did, I am still doubtful that Eraser created and executed a task spontaneously, and so am frankly confused by what you tell us.

I know how the loss of data hurts. Is one allowed to mention the word 'backup'?

Except for the fact that I disabled my periodical backup 2 days before the event, just to finish one big download, delete it after its "usage" and wait for the schedule to create a new backup. I rarely do this, and even the improbability managed to screw with me.

Now I learned that I can't be with no backup for 1 or 2 days in a whole year, because even so, it's too risky.
And no, I don't have money at the moment to buy more HDs. That's why I risked the backup.
Isn't that just the way with backups? I'm sorry for your trouble.

Anonymous 1645 said:
That's something that intrigues me. Usually, when you use Windows Explorer extension Eraser pops up a message from the tray icon. This time I saw nothing. No messages.
Looks like you deliberately Erased the folder, and since v6.0 doesn't have a confirmation dialogue, the erasure proceeded immediately? As to why the task is still around, you may have unchecked the option to automatically clear the task list of completed tasks.

And while I understand your frustration in your initial post, please mind your language. No one here owes you anything (read the license.)