Dell 1720 Vista Home Premium problem


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This Dell 1720 laptop has a hidden boot volume inaccessible to the user.

Running Eraser 5.8.7 on the recycle bin always causes a boot error next time I start the PC. I have to boot from the DVD and the reported error is "Boot Sector Currupted"

It does seem to be Eraser doing this....I have checked and double checked........and consistently after using Eraser the boot fault happens.

Is this possible ?? Any help would be appreciated

Vista Home Preminum. 2 gig processor, 2gig RAM. Lots of room on the HD.

There is frequently a report from ERASER that there are items not erased. I can go into DOS and delete them and suspected it might be that causing the problems but testing showed that the boot problem happened evn if I did not manually delete the remnants.

AVG reports no problems, I have run Spyware and reports no problems, did the Microsoft Scan and report was clear.....I'm puzzled !

Peter Wilkinson
This is due to a bug in 5.8.7. It has been fixed in 5.8.8-beta1