Deploying of Eraser 6 via GPO


New Member
I got this issue. Is there any way i can perform the below steps?

1) Remove Eraser 5 via SMS
2) Install Eraser 6 via SMS (switches required)
3) Import preset tasks via GPO

Appreciate everyone's assistance. Thank you very much.

John Tan
I'm sorry, but, because the Eraser CLI is work in progress, this is one that Joel will need to answer.

I'm not too sure about the removal of Eraser 5, but I think you can try using a Startup script to uninstall from the command line. Eraser 5 uses the Inno installer. Eraser 6 uses a bootstrapper that extracts its contents from a 7-zip archive, bundled as a resorrce in the exe. Thus, the installer you download is nothing but a self-extracting archive. Therein contains two MSIs which are suitable for deployment through a GPO.